Migrating an Existing Group to the GRWT

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    We welcome existing groups into the Tribe. You’ll get:

    • A completely private category with granular permissions for your members.
    • A category moderator to manage your private category, so you’re self-sufficient.
    • Reliable uptime and responsive administration to accommodate your needs.
    • The benefits of a managed NodeBB installation, including granular email notifications, file uploads and related goodies.
    • Access to the forum in general, to broaden your reach.

    We think using a forum system is preferable to using email, because email deprives new members of the chance to review your group’s archive. Plus, a forum supports files and pinned announcements, so there’s never any doubt about who sent what, when.

    To get started, use the Contact Us form to send a note that includes the following information:

    • The name of your group
    • A list of email addresses of the people who should have regular-user access
    • The email address(es) of the moderator(s)
    • A one-to-three-sentence description of your group
    • The number of members, and the membership cap
    • Whether the group is or isn’t accepting new members, or is open to all without membership requirements
    • The date/time/place of the group’s regular meetings
    • Any special focus of the group – e.g., a genre, a theme, membership requirements, &c.
    • The relative skill level of the group – beginner (open to anyone), intermediate (open to people with a writing background), expert (open to people with a publication history and substantial academic/professional writing background, likely supported by an advanced degree)

    To integrate your group into the GRWT, we’d also like to know what color you’d prefer to use for your group’s ID badge (purple is reserved).

    Any other info you think is relevant, please pass along. Of particular interest is information about the internal culture of the group.

    There’s no setup or ongoing cost or obligation to bring your group into the GRWT.

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