How to Join a Writers' Group

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    Interested in joining a group, or even in starting one? You’re in the right place!

    Help us help you. If you’d like to join a group, please start a new thread (title it with something catchy!) and answer the following questions:

    • Your name
    • Your preferred lengths and genres (e.g., short stories, novels; or, fiction, non-fiction, poetry) – be as precise or non-precise as you wish
    • The URL to your author blog, if you have one
    • Your time availability – how often can you meet, for how long, on (generally) which days? How much bandwidth do you have to write or critique between meetings?
    • Where, in general, are you willing to meet?
    • What are your goals as a writer over the next 12 months?
    • Let us know your priorities by listing, in order of most to least valuable, what you’re looking for in a writers’ group: education, publication support, free writing time, networking, peer critique, personal enrichment, social engagement, structured writing goals.
    • Describe your recent history as a writer – projects, publications, planning, education, etc. Don’t be embarrassed if you’re just getting started! All of our journeys start with a first, tentative step.
    • Rate your current skill level – beginner (no formal writing training, new to the craft/business of writing), intermediate (some professional/academic writing experience) or expert (published several times, advanced degree in writing/English).

    It’s helpful, but not mandatory, if you paste or attach a short story, poem or sample chapter so we can gauge your writing style, to help channel you most effectively. Please don’t upload something you’d intend to publish elsewhere, as posting that content may lead some publishers to treat it as a reprint.

    Let us know, too, if you’d like to facilitate a writers’ group. Write616 offers quarterly training sessions to ground you in the essential skills an effective facilitator needs to grow a strong, lasting group.

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