About the Tribe

The Grand River Writing Tribe advances and celebrates the work of authors who are serious about the craft of writing.
About the Tribe

The Grand River Writing Tribe was formed in 2016 to advance and celebrate the work of authors in the lower Grand River watershed (roughly, the 616 area code of West Michigan) who are serious about the craft of writing and who actively seek publication.

For several years, the original Tribe group met twice monthly in three-hour blocks, prioritizing critique and guided education sessions. Reflections about the group engendered by the coronavirus pandemic prompted us to expand the GRWT brand to others who've re-committed to their love of writing but struggle to slot into a group of their own.

Beginning in 2021, the GRWT consists of several tribes, both in-person and virtual, that are grouped by each person's goals and availability:

  • The OG Tribe. Led by Jason Gillikin. The "original" Tribe group, consisting of six members. Primarily in-person.
  • The Noodles: Led by Bob Kubiak. Founded in December 2020 and consisting of five members. Primarily in-person.
  • Group V: Four members and counting, formed in December 2020. Exclusively virtual, with folks from New Jersey, Michigan, and Ontario.
  • Group W: Mostly Michigan-based writers who prefer virtual interaction.

If you join the Tribe, you'll gain:

  • Membership (as applications support) to a writing group that's optimal for you and your specific needs
  • Access to a community Discord server with private channels reserved just for your group, which is great for real-time collaboration and networking
  • Priority access to special events, including periodic seminars about the craft and business of writing
  • Participation in a larger ecosystem of authors who, like you, are committed to advancing their craft

All this, at no cost to you!

Eager to get started? Visit the Join page to fill out a simple form. We'll get back to you by email when we've got a match lined up.

We also welcome other local writing groups to join the Tribe to share our resources and programming.

The Grand River Writing Tribe is a program of the Lakeshore Literary Foundation. The program director for GRWT is Andrew Ronzino.

The Grand River Writing Tribe is brought to you by the Lakeshore Literary Foundation. All rights reserved.