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Welcome to the Grand River Writing Tribe

We're a collective of independent writing groups based in West Michigan. We've banded together for three important reasons:

  1. To offer a convenient, low-cost environment to share information without succumbing to "email overload."
  2. To help people in the community connect with open writing groups.
  3. To offer a centralized platform of opportunities and conversation to help draw the local literary community closer together.

Joining the Tribe

We encourage you to create a GRWT account on this site. Your sign-up process isn't complete until you confirm your email address, so if you don't receive an email within a minute or two, please check your spam folder. An account lets you post and access a fair amount of content, even if you're not presently enrolled in a specific group.

To join an existing writers' group, please reach out to one of the group moderators. If no group suits your fancy, we encourage you to check out the How to Join a Writers' Group thread for information about connecting to a new group. We also encourage you to start your own group! We even offer training in partnership with Write616. If your group is limited to eight or fewer people, you can even use (for free!) the conference room at Caffeinated Press for your group meetings.

To add your existing writers' group to the Tribe, review Migrating an Existing Group to the GRWT for more information.

Hungry For More?

Use the Contact Us to send a message, or visit the publicly accessible forums. Our The Village Green category is limited to authorized users who are enrolled in an existing GRWT writing group, but if you create an account with us, the other categories — including the General Discussion forum tree, remains open to you.

There's no cost or obligation associated with creating a GRWT account.

The Grand River Writing Tribe is a collection of writing groups based in the West Michigan community.

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    Announcements regarding our community — plus FAQs, policies & essential info to help you get started.

  • The Village Green

    Where the various communities within GRWT conduct their business. Each writing group enjoys a private group contained within the Green. You must be logged in, with appropriate permissions, to see content.

  • General Discussion

    Open forum, including for people who aren’t yet a member of a writing group.

  • Blogs

    Blog posts from individual members — a great way to network your platform!

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